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The field of corporate finance focuses on how businesses can best allocate their financial resources to achieve their desired goals. It encompasses various topics, including investment analysis, capital budgeting, financial statement analysis, and risk management. Corporate finance professionals are responsible for ensuring a company has the funds it needs to grow, expand, and succeed.

In most business curriculums, corporate finance assignments are designed to give students an understanding of the theory and practice of financial decision-making in a business setting. In particular, students are typically expected to analyze financial statements, make investment decisions, and assess the risks and returns associated with various financial instruments. To complete these assignments successfully, students must be able to apply the concepts learned in prerequisite courses such as accounting and micro- and macroeconomics. offers the best corporate finance assignment help to students from all over the world because our experts are experienced in the field and know how to guide students in the right direction. Our approach is tailored to each student’s needs so they can learn as much as possible from our help. In addition, the assignment help is affordable and is available 24/7.

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Our Assignment Writers Can Write Assignments On Any Corporate Finance Topics

Our academic writing experts are highly skilled and experienced in corporate finance and can write assignments on any corporate finance topic. They have a deep understanding of the subject matter and can provide students with the help they need to succeed in their studies. Here is a selection of a few topics that our corporate finance assignment experts can cover;

Importance Of Corporate Finance

According to our corporate finance assignment helpers, corporate finance is necessary because it helps organizations manage their financial resources to maximize shareholder value. Corporate finance professionals are responsible for making important decisions about how to allocate funds, what investments to make, and how to structure deals.

Corporate finance professionals must also be able to assess the risks and rewards associated with various financial transactions. By understanding the principles of corporate finance, managers can make more informed decisions that will help their organizations achieve long-term success.

Topics In Corporate Finance

Topics in corporate finance include issuing new equity, issuing debt, repurchasing shares, and paying dividends. Managers must weigh the benefits and costs of each decision to ensure that the company’s financial resources are best used to create value for shareholders. For example, a company might issue new equity if it wants to expand its business but might choose to issue debt if it wants to make a large investment.

Five Basic Corporate Finance Functions

The five basic corporate finance functions as explained by our corporate finance assignment experts are capital budgeting, financial planning and forecasting, working capital management, capital structure decisions, and dividend decisions. Capital budgeting allocates the organization’s limited financial resources to achieve the desired objectives over time. Financial planning and forecasting is the process of predicting future financial performance and developing strategies to improve it.


The term amalgamation is typically used in the context of business and usually refers to the process of combining two or more companies into a single entity. Amalgamation can be a relatively simple process, such as when two businesses merge and become a single company, or it can be more complex, involving acquiring one company by another. In either case, the goal of amalgamation is typically to create a larger and more powerful organization that can compete more effectively in the marketplace.

Cash Conversion Cycle

The cash conversion cycle (CCC) is a metric that measures a company’s liquidity and how efficiently it uses its inventory and accounts receivable to generate cash flow. The CCC is calculated by adding the number of days it takes to convert inventory into sales revenue (days in inventory) to the number of days it takes to collect payments on accounts receivable (days in receivables). Do not struggle with your CCC assignment while our corporate finance assignment help experts are available and ready to help you complete the assignment.

Cash Management

From a company’s perspective, cash management is the process of overseeing and regulating a company’s cash flow to optimize its liquidity and financial stability. This includes forecasting future cash needs, budgeting and allocating resources accordingly, and taking measures to ensure that cash is available when needed. One of our best corporate finance assignment expert noted that effective cash management can help a company avoid liquidity crunches, manage debt levels, and make more informed investment decisions.

Finance Planning

Finance planning is forecasting future financial needs and resources to make sound decisions about allocating and using those resources. Planning is essential in corporate finance because it allows companies to identify and take advantage of opportunities, avoid or mitigate risks, and ensure they have the financial resources they need to achieve their strategic objectives.

Equity Capital

Equity capital is the portion of a company’s capitalization that represents the residual value of its equity. Equity capital is composed of common stock and retained earnings. Common stock represents the ownership interest of a company’s shareholders, while retained earnings represent the cumulative profits of a company that have not been distributed to its shareholders. Equity capital is significant because it provides a source of financing for a company’s operations and growth. If you have an assignment on equity capital, our corporate finance assignment helpers can assist in writing the assignment.

Bond Valuation

Bond valuation involves estimating the fair value of a bond. This is done by estimating the present value of the future cash flows generated by the bond. Then, the cash flows are discounted at a rate reflecting the bond’s risks. The risks can be due to the issuer’s credit quality, the bond’s liquidity, or the interest rate risk.

Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

The CAPM is a financial model that helps to determine the expected return of investment by taking into account the risk of that investment. The CAPM takes into account the expected return of the investment, the risk-free rate of return, and the beta of the investment. The beta measures the volatility of the investment in relation to the market as a whole.

Types Of Mergers

There are three types of mergers: horizontal, vertical, and conglomerate.

Horizontal mergers involve two companies in the same industry, while vertical mergers involve a company and its suppliers or customers. Conglomerate mergers are when two companies in different industries merge.

Financial Risk Management

Financial risk management involves assessing and managing the financial risks of a company. This includes assessing the risks associated with various financial decisions, such as investing in new products or expanding into new markets and developing strategies to mitigate those risks. Financial risk management is essential for any company that wants to protect its financial stability and ensure long-term success.

Exchange Rates

The exchange rate between two currencies is the rate at which one currency can be exchanged for another. Exchange rates are determined by the demand for and supply of currencies. When there is more demand for a currency than supply, the exchange rate will increase. When there is more supply of a currency than demand, the exchange rate will decrease.

Net Present Value

Net Present Value (NPV) as pointed out by our corporate finance assignment help experts is a financial metric used to determine the value of an investment. NPV considers the investment’s initial cost, expected returns, and the time value of money. The NPV calculation compares the present value of those cash flows to the investment’s initial cost. A positive NPV indicates that the investment is worth more than its initial cost, while a negative NPV means it is worth less than its initial cost.

Interest Rates

Interest rates are the cost of borrowing money, and they’re usually expressed as a percentage of the amount you borrow. The interest rate can be fixed, which means it stays the same for the life of the loan, or it can be variable, which means it can change over time. Most loans have a variable interest rate, which means your payments could go up or down depending on the economy’s interest rates.

Inflation Rates

Inflation rates are measured by tracking the percentage change in a price index, which is a weighted average of prices of goods and services in the economy. The most common measure of inflation, the Consumer Price Index (CPI), measures the price changes of a “basket” of goods and services that are representative of consumer spending. When the prices of the goods and services in the basket rise, the CPI also rises, and when the prices fall, the CPI falls.

International Money

International money refers to the various currencies used in international transactions. These currencies are traded on global financial markets, and their values fluctuate based on multiple factors. Several organizations have been established to regulate the global currency market to ensure that international transactions are conducted fairly and efficiently.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting involves recording, classifying, and reporting financial transactions to provide useful information for business decisions. The goal of financial accounting is to ensure that financial statements accurately reflect a company’s financial position. Financial statements include a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.

Capital Markets

Capital markets are the means by which businesses and governments can raise money by issuing securities. The most common types of securities are stocks and bonds. The stock market is where stocks are traded, and the bond market is where bonds are traded. Capital markets allow businesses to get the money they need to grow and expand and investors to earn a return on their money.

Risk Factors And Profitability

Risk factors and profitability are two important concepts in finance and accounting. Risk factors are the factors that can affect a company’s profitability, and these can include things like the economy, interest rates, and competition. Profitability measures how successful a company is in generating income relative to its expenses. Therefore, companies need to be aware of both risk factors and profitability when making decisions about their business.

Financial Planning

The fields of financial planning and corporate finance are related but distinct. Financial planning is the process of creating a strategy for managing financial resources. Corporate finance, on the other hand, is the process of managing a company’s financial resources. These two fields intersect when companies need to borrow money to finance new projects or expand their operations. financial planning assignment help is a good option for students struggling to complete assignments on financial planning.

Shares And Dividends

Shares and dividends are two essential aspects of investment. Shares refer to an ownership stake in a company, while dividends are payments that investors receive from a company in the form of cash or stock. Dividends can be paid out regularly, such as quarterly or annually, or they can be paid out as a one-time event. The dividend payment amount is typically based on the earnings of the company and its overall financial health.

Theory Of Portfolio Management

The portfolio management theory suggests that investors can optimize their expected return and risk by diversifying their investment holdings across various individual assets. This theory is based on the idea that not all assets will perform equally well at all times, so spreading your money across various investments will smooth out your overall return. Additionally, you can reduce your risk exposure by investing in various types of assets since not all assets will move in the same direction simultaneously.

Risk And Return Investment

Risk and return are fundamental concepts in finance and investment. Risk is the possibility that an investment will lose value, while the return is the amount of money earned on an investment. Investors seek to maximize their return while minimizing their risk. This can be done by investing in low-risk assets, such as government bonds, or by diversifying their portfolio across various investments.

Business Finance

Business Finance involves financial decision-making within a business context. It covers topics such as financial statement analysis, cash flow management, investment analysis, and risk management. Students of business finance learn how to make sound financial decisions to help their businesses grow and succeed. Our finance assignment help is ideal for students who have any assignments related to business finance topics.

Different Types Of Sources Of Capital

A source of capital is a financial resource used to fund a company’s operations and expansion. Sources of capital typically include

Equity investments: One common way to acquire capital for a business is to issue equity to investors. Equity investments are a way for a company to raise money by giving investors a piece of the company in exchange for cash. When a company issues equity, it sells shares of ownership in the company. Investors who buy these shares become part of the company and have a stake in its success or failure.

Debt financing: Debt financing is a type of capital companies can use to finance their operations. It involves borrowing money from lenders, such as banks, and then repaying it with interest over time. Debt financing can be a less expensive way to raise capital than issuing new equity. It also allows companies to borrow more money than they could through equity financing. However, debt financing also comes with risks, including the possibility of defaulting on the loan.

Asset sales: When a company sells an asset, it can generate cash flow that can be used for various purposes, including investing in new assets, paying down debt, or returning money to shareholders. In addition, the proceeds from the sale of an asset can provide a company with a source of capital to help it grow its business. For example, a company that sells a building it owns can use the proceeds to buy new equipment or expand its operations.

Key Activities Of Corporate Finance

Balance Sheet

A balance sheet is a financial statement showing a company’s assets, liabilities, and shareholders’ equity at a specific time. The balance sheet is divided into two main sections: assets and liabilities. The assets section lists the company’s investments and property, while the liabilities section lists the company’s debts and other obligations. Finally, the shareholders’ equity section shows how much money the company’s shareholders have invested in the business and any profits or losses accumulated since then.

Cash Flow Statement

A cash flow statement is a financial statement that shows how much cash a company has generated and used over a specific period of time. This statement is divided into three sections: operating activities, investing activities, and financing activities. The operating activities section shows how much cash the company has generated from its normal business operations. The investing activities section shows how much cash the company has used to purchase assets such as property, equipment, or investments.

Retained Income Statement

The retained income statement is a financial statement that shows a company’s net income (profit) after taxes and dividends have been paid to shareholders. The retained income statement can be used to track a company’s overall financial health over time. It can also measure how effectively a company uses its profits to grow and expand its business.

Declaration Of Income

The declaration of income is a document that discloses a person’s or company’s income. This document is often used in corporate finance to help determine a company’s financial health. The declaration of income can also be used to calculate taxes owed.

Important Financial Statements

The three most important financial statements are the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows. The balance sheet shows a company’s assets, liabilities, and shareholders’ equity as of a specific date. The income statement shows how much revenue a company generated and how much it spent over a period of time. The statement of cash flows shows how much cash a company generated and used over a period of time.

Investment And Capital Budgeting

In business and finance, investment and capital budgeting allocate financial resources to investments to create future value. The goal of investment and capital budgeting is to ensure that the firm’s long-term financial goals are met while also preserving the firm’s short-term liquidity. To make sound investment decisions, firms use a variety of financial metrics such as the internal rate of return (IRR), net present value (NPV), and payback period. We offer capital budgeting assignment help to help students with affordable custom assignments.

Capital investment

In finance, capital investment (CI) is the purchase of an asset or group of assets expected to generate future cash inflows. The capital investment aims to increase a company’s future revenue and profits. To make informed decisions about capital investments, corporations rely on corporate finance. Corporate finance is the finance branch that deals with companies’ financial management. It includes topics such as financial statement analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and risk assessment.s.

Capital Funding

Capital Funding is the money a company uses to finance its long-term assets, such as property, equipment, and facilities. The purpose of capital funding is to provide a steady source of income for the company to continue to operate and expand its business. Various capital funding sources include equity financing, debt financing, and government grants and loans.

Dividends And Capital Return

Dividends and capital returns are essential ways for a company to return value to its shareholders. Dividends are payments made from a company’s profits, typically occurring on a regular schedule, such as quarterly or yearly. On the other hand, capital returns can come in the form of share buybacks or dividends, but they’re not necessarily periodic. Instead, they represent a company’s decision to return some of its excess cash to shareholders.

Investment Management

In investment management, individuals and organizations invest money to earn a return. Commonly, investments are made in stocks, bonds, and real estate. Investment management is critical in corporate finance, as a well-managed investment portfolio can help a company finance its operations and grow its business. In addition to investing money, investment managers also work to protect their client’s investments from market volatility.

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A corporate finance case study will involve a real or fictitious corporate financial problem a business faces. Professors will ask students to analyze the problem and recommend potential solutions. Often, case studies will require students to use financial concepts and tools to solve the problem. Students can use our finance case study help to get a quality case study written for them by our experts.

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Corporate Finance Homework

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Multiple Choice Questions

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Topics for a thesis in Bachelor of Finance may include, but are not limited to: 

1. Analysis of financial performance and risk management of public and private companies 

2. Evaluation of financial statement disclosures 

3. Impact of the global financial crisis on financial markets 

4. Analysis of hedging strategies 

5. Financial statement analysis 

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This question has different answers, depending on the individual researcher’s interests and expertise. However, some popular topics in finance for research include asset pricing, corporate finance, financial econometrics, and macroeconomics.

In order to understand corporate finance, it is important first to develop a basic understanding of financial accounting. Financial accounting is the process of recording, classifying, and reporting financial information about a company to make informed decisions about the company’s future. Financial statements from financial accounting provide insights into a company’s overall financial health and performance. The three critical financial statements are the balance sheet, the income statement, and the cash flow statement.

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