Privacy Policy

Our company ( is delighted with your interest in our services, and we thank you for your visit. Keeping our customers’ data secure, safe, and confidential is afforded careful attention by our administration team. They take every step to ensure that information is safe from various threats. We collect different data types and will tell more about them on this page.

We need some particular snippets of information about customers and those visiting our website to deliver our services effectively. However, it is worth noting that this data is never published, distributed, shared with, or sold to external parties; the only people who have access to it are some of our trusted personnel.

Your identity is not revealed as a result of us collecting this data; the only reasons we use it are as follows:

  • To improve and tailor our website’s content
  • To keep enhancing the information we provide on our site and the manner of its presentation

Cookie Use uses cookies for two primary purposes:

  • To make it easier for visitors to navigate their way around our site
  • To acquire valuable information about how our website is used in terms of frequency, number of visitors, and so on

What Personal Details Do We Require?

When clients start the process of registering on our website, there is some information we are likely to require, such as their first names, surnames, email addresses, and phone numbers.

We ask for and use this information purely to process clients’ orders. For example, we often need to contact clients if they omit crucial information or files from an order or if we need them to agree to some part of an order, such as our writers’ choice of topic, etc.

This is why the contact details you provide must be current and accurate. Again, this information is never sold, published, shared, or made available to third parties.

To protect your privacy, our clients’ details are never shared with the writers. We also advise that clients not share personal information with the writers directly. All sensitive data is kept strictly confidential. Clients are fully responsible for the outcome of sharing your personal information (such as logins, passwords, e-mails, and phone numbers) with the writers.

Payment Methods         

The payment methods we use to process payments are very secure, with no possibility of a customer’s billing information being compromised. Moreover, our agents use identity verification techniques to safeguard you from online fraud/scams.

Clients’ Rights

Any personal information you provide may be corrected, replaced, or removed –ask our support agents to make any required adjustments.