Epidemiology And Public Health


Write a three-page case study on epidemiology and public health.



Epidemiology has played an important role in managing and controlling infectious diseases in public. The principal goal of epidemiology is to study some of the causes of public health-related issues or conditions, particularly in humans. In addition, epidemiology can also be related to investigating the causes of exposures that lead to diseases and examining the predictions of disease outcomes in the field of public health. Thus epidemiology can be seen as a key that underpins public health practice. Indeed, epidemiology and public health go hand-in-hand as one supports the other, but the only difference is in the definition. In this view, we can define epidemiology as studying human health in the population. Also, it can be defined as an investigative study in public health that examines some of the likely causes of diseases in society and how such diseases can be controlled and managed.

According to Adami and Trichopoulos (1999), the key function of epidemiology is to establish the agent, environmental, and host factors that influence public health and, as a result, provide some scientific solutions that would help in the prevention of injuries as well as diseases. Another key area involved with epidemiology is to determine prime locations within a community that is in danger of greater risks from specific causes of diseases in order for appropriate actions could be taken to prevent the spread of illness or injuries that could lead to a public death.

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Public Health

On the other hand, public health can be defined as the overall state of health within a particular society or the general public and the services offered to assess. Promote and regulate health matters within the entire levels of government. It can also be described as a science of enhancing and protecting community health by ensuring a healthy environment, developing programs and policies that prevent diseases in the community, and promoting a healthy lifestyle through educational programs.

Overview of Miami County Public Health

According to Miami Public Health (2016), the department’s mission is to prevent diseases, promote health, and protect the community from infectious illnesses and injuries. The department’s role is to offer leadership to public health in an effective effort to identify, act in response and prevent diseases. In the last year, Miami County Public Health Department (2017) has provided several public healthcare services to the community to prevent and improve health in the community. Some public health services provided by the county of Miami in 2016 include water and soil testing fair, national influenza vaccination, keeping home rodent-free, seasonal flue vaccination, management of solid waste, and preventing and controlling bedbugs, among others (Miami County Public Health, 2017).  

A milestone in Public Health

As stated above, public health entails the art and science of detecting and improving the health of society through a systematic effort that involves education, provision of healthcare services, and protection of the general public from exposures that can cause harm. Therefore, it is a health practice that has been going on for many years and is expected to expand shortly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States stated that some of the recognized milestones in public health that have occurred today include automotive safety, cardiovascular, cancer, environmental and occupational health, infectious disease control, food safety, maternal and child health, vaccines and oral healthcare. For instance, in the scope of vaccines, public health initiatives managed to eradicate smallpox globally in 1977 only because of an intense effort led by the World Health Organization (Pfizer, 2006). Additionally, the discovery of the Polio vaccine in 1955 has had a radical effect not only in the U.S., but also across the globe as polio cases have reduced (Pfizer, 2006). Indeed, the development of public health infrastructures in the U.S. has led to a great improvement and advances in general public health, operating as a global model.

Useful Resources used and Conclusion

Public health is a wide scope that different sources have discussed widely. Other useful materials in this paper include university websites such as the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine that provide insightful information about the epidemiology and public health (University of Cambridge, 2017). Another important source of information regarding public health is a journal database- the American Journal of Epidemiology, which offers different journal articles about public health. One of the journal articles used in this paper includes Epidemiology in Public Health Practice by Brownson (Brownson, 2011). In conclusion, epidemiology investigated the causes of health events, which underpins the scope of public health. Many diseases have been detected through public health initiatives, and prevention measures are taken. Thus, the issue of epidemiology and public health has become an important aspect in the community around the world, as it has proved to improve the living standards of the general public.

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