Impacts of company advancements


Topic of the essay is ” development and its struggle” and I would like to focus on company expansion development and struggle struggles of their employees. In the first para, I would like to say something about layoffs. second para, also how robots are replacing human and its consequences and the last body para, I would like to discuss about the social problem cause by companies expansion. I know my first draft is not good and maybe unclear, however please make it clear and structured.


Impacts of company advancements

The 21St Century has been characterised by unprecedented technological advancements that have major impacts into how organisations operates. For example, while organisation mainly depended fully on labor that was provided by employees, that is no longer the case in some organisations as they are now using robots to provide labor that used to be provided by human beings in form of employees. On another perspective, it can also be noted that technology advancement has also had major impacts into the societies. This paper focuses on the topic of company advancement and the type of impact that the advancement is having to the society.

As already pointed out, technological advancement has had immense impacts to the economy as well as businesses. To begin with, it can be noted that technological advancement has made it easier for businesses to merge other businesses overseas which was in the past a major challenge. Merger and acquisition is one of the approaches that is now commonly used by companies worldwide as it offers better chances for the organisations to be effective in different markets that they have presence in. As a result, many companies are now pursuing mergers and acquisitions for various reasons (Picardo,2014). Even though the main motivation of mergers and acquisition is to enhance the success of the company, it can be noted that whenever mergers and acquisitions take place, it tends to have negative impacts to many people. The reason why that is the case is due to the fact that whenever mergers and acquisitions occur, some employees eventually end up losing their jobs. Indeed, Foroohar (2016) quoted Professor Robert Salomon who lectures at New York University (NYU) Stern School of business to have remarked that; “after mergers, always come layoffs, which is, of course, a particular concern right now in our slow growth economy.” From that view, it can thus be noted that growth of companies at time can have negative impacts to the respective society that the company operates within since as has already been highlighted, mergers and acquisitions that are common with companies that are growing tend to result to layoffs that leaves a lot of people unemployed.

On a different perspective, it can be explained that apart from negative consequences of mergers that can to some extent be attributed to technological advancement, technological advancement is also resulting to layoffs in a different context. Indeed, it can be noted that technological advancements has led to development of new technologies that among others comprises of artificial intelligent robots that have been embraced by various organisations as they are convinced that the robots will have major positive impacts to their operations. According to IBM’s Watson, it has been proved that robots are becoming more intelligent than human beings and they are less prone to mistakes than human beings. As a result, robots have been preferred to human beings and have started to replace them in the work place as they are cost efficient. Currently, more that 1.2 million industrial robots are estimated to be working worldwide while one robot is reported to substitute work that was used to be done by 5,000 people. Moreover, it can also be noted that Amazon which is among the leading online retailers is working to develop a picker robot that can discern, grasp and pack various objects implying that once the robot has been developed, many people who work at Amazon are going to lose their job.

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Apart from technological advancement affecting people economically as they get to lose their jobs, it can also be explained that expansion has also had an impact into the social life. As discussed by Reifman (2004), the imbalanced gender ratio caused by Amazon’s rapid growth in Seattle has been a playing significant role in many social problems that among others includes complicating the dating scene for straight men in Seattle. Indeed, finding someone to fall in love is tremendously difficult under normal circumstances while organizations such as Amazon are also contributing to this problem with their male-dominated firm culture since according to, 75 percent of  Amazon’s employees is made up of males. That disproportion is consistent with the gender ratio at Microsoft as well as other tech companies (Reifman, 2004). Thus, it can be summed up that the disparate ratio of men to women is common in high-tech companies. The specific, significant factor addressed, here, is that Amazon has been expanding rapidly in Seattle and now employs approximately 25,000 people in the city, up from 5,000 in 2010 (Reifman, 2004). According to the author’s estimation, by the end of 2014, there will be 130 single men in Seattle for every 100 single women, and Amazon’s growth is a significant factor in this imbalance.

In conclusion, it can be noted that expanding companies have had a profound effect on our lives both from an economic or social perspective. In the future, if the expansion of companies continues evolving at such speed, it can only be expected that our business practices and social life will undergo even more radical changes.