Strategic Management Discussion Post


Read this week’s post by other students and respond to at least two of your colleagues posts.


Post #1:

Hi Roderic! Good post. I agree with your observations that majority of organizations have come to the realization that if they want to be effective they have to embrace change. That also seems to be same point raised by Hills and Jones (2013) who explained that an organization that does not embrace will in the long run find it difficult to compete with the other competitors present in the market place. On a different perspective, in your post, you have highlighted the theories by Nadler and Tushman as well as Sterman. Assuming you were a manager in a certain organization, which one of the two theories would you prefer and what would be your reasons for opting for the specific theory?


Hills, C. & Jones, G. (2013).Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach (10Th Ed).Mason: Cengage Learning.

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Discussion Post #2

This is an interesting post Carrie. I like how you have started the post by pointing out  that if any organization operating in the health care sector wants to prosper, the organization has to be ready to embrace change. I absolutely concur with that. Thereafter, you have highlighted the models of change by Quinn’s, Sterman’s and Greiner’s. If asked to choose between the three models, which one would you prefer if you were to oversee change in a health organization? What would be your reason for using that specific model of change? Personally, I would opt for the congruence model since as explained by Anderson (2014),  the model specifies an approach that can be used to find out what’s going wrong with a team or organization, and then establishing how the issue can be solved.


Anderson, L. D. (2014). Organization development: The process of leading organization change. Los Angeles: Sage Publishers.